tayo na sa antipolo. quick summer get away. antipolo church. native delicacies.

Tayo na sa Antipolo!(Let’s Go To Antipolo)

We needed a quick getaway from the extreme heat in Manila.

We wanted to go camping in Real, Quezon.

But the tent is in our house in Bulacan.

We decided to go swimming in the hot springs of Pansol, Laguna last Saturday.

Then Sunday we visit Antipolo Church.

Only the last one materialized.

We listened to the priest’s homily outside the church.

There were so many people.

There were many bicyclists too.

They too stayed outside with their bikes

It’s a good thing there is a big screen projector outside the church.

We thank God for all the guidance and blessings that we have.

We had photo ops afterwards.

The native delicacies are delicious too.

Cashew nuts a favorite.

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