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Tip on How to Earn Extra Money

Officially I am on vacation.

But I am not used to doing nothing.

I have been juggling between jobs for as long as I can remember.

True that I need to do stuff in Manila while on vacation.

But there are things beyond my control like the issuance of the certificates and other stuff I need.

On my 3rd week here, I am at loose ends already.

While my girls are in their classes, I got nothing to do.

And voila!

I thought of my small investment at the Ardeur de France.

I talked to my friend Sharon Ligutan ( on how to make more money in the business.

She opted for early retirement and is now focusing on Ardeur Perfume business.

I was thinking, there must be something in Ardeur de France for her to retire from a stable job.

True enough there is money here.

She explained to me that when I bought a package, I got 3 bronze, I am already a member and that I have an account.

As a member, in every successful referral I make I can earn a bonus.

The amount of bonus depends on the kind of package they get.

That motivated me to introduce the ardeur perfume business to my friends.

I don’t sell the products.

The perfume bottles which I bought my niece is the one selling them to earn money for her allowance.

I have three successful referrals.

My two friends started their business by getting the Silver Package.

Another friend got a bronze package for her sister in the province.

I did this for only a few hours.

And I earned already P2,500 (about US$50).

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