tying loose ends. sand dunes in Paoay. sunflower farm in Piddig Ilocos Norte.

Tying Up Loose Ends is Never Easy

It’s been over a month since I came home in Manila, Philippines.

My time revolved around the class schedules of Faye and Zoe.

In between, I did all the stuff I needed to do.

It’s not easy transacting business when I was overseas.

I found out transacting business is never easy period.

Whether you are physically here or overseas.

The last stuff I needed to do I finished only a few hours ago.

It took me more than a month to keep on reminding the concerned person to pay up!

My Condo unit…

It’s only a few steps away from the university.

I dreamed of living in the condo unit I got in 2015.

That’s the promised date of turn over.

Until now though the building is not finished yet.

Worst it’s not in my name yet!

For more than a month I worked on the papers they required me to submit.

It was finally completed and was received by the developer’s office last Friday.

I reminded the supervisor it was hard earned money I invested there.

I used to teach in three universities from Monday to Saturday.

Last Friday was the last advance final test day of my daughters.

I requested that they be given the final tests one week ahead of the regular schedule.

It was approved.

On their last day though, Friday, Zoe still had no final tests on 9 subjects. And Faye on 4 subjects.

It was difficult to coordinate with an adviser who hasn’t been around at school for two weeks.

She has been down with chicken pox.

I hope she gets well soon.

Your efforts ma’am are appreciated.

A daughter of a first cousin got married last Friday.

I wasn’t able to attend.

I was busy coordinating with two advisers about the final tests of my girls.

I have sent my best wishes through the mother of the bride.

The first time I visited my brother’s place 2 weeks ago, I didn’t meet one of my nephews.

We needed to go home again in Ilocos Sur last Friday night.

My girls wanted to go swimming at the beach with floating cottages.


On Saturday we were scheduled to return to Manila after lunch.

The girls prayed that we go try the sand dunes in Ilocos Norte.

I can’t say No.

Because the three years I was overseas, they haven’t been anywhere.

The girls saw the notices about the Sunflower Farm in Piddig Ilocos Norte.

We can’t go home without visiting it!

I wasn’t able to meet with high school batchmates.

So sorry dear friends.

This mama had a toxic schedule.

I hope to see you on my next visit.

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