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A “Zoo”tiful Day

We had a fun day at the Phoenix Zoo.

There were so many activities designed for all ages.

And many kinds of animals to see.

There’s the sleeping tiger.

The lone elephant which did not move an inch.

This bored monkey with the rolling eyes caught the visitors’ attention.

The giraffe which fascinated both the young ones and the young once with its long neck.

These flamingos we found them cute, sleeping with one leg up and the head on top.

Flowers are abound too.

The palo verde trees with the ever beautiful yellow flowers.

The palm trees with very green calming leaves.

There were birds of different colors and sizes.

The long lizard.

We haven’t enjoyed everything yet.

We will go back for a camel ride.

It was just too much for a young girl of 12 to be walking around the zoo for how many hours under the heat of the sun.

We enjoyed the day though.

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