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Archery for Beginners

It’s fun watching my girls practice archery every afternoon.

The sport needs focus and energy.

Lots of energy I would say.

I tried it twice but I can’t do it.

I don’t have the discipline to hold still the stuff while focusing on the target.

Archers need to strategize too.

So, how do my girls do it?

They have this to focus on.

It’s a bale of hay, two, with a paper plate at the center.

They drew a big circle at the middle of the paper plate.

That’s their target.

They have the bow and the arrows for beginners.

Other stuff are for professional archers already.

Stance. They need to position themselves sideways from the target (the paper plate).

They were instructed to stand straight and with shoulders loose.

Aim. They should keep their hand holding the bow straight.

Always, keep an eye on the target.

Release. They need to release the arrow from the fingers drawing it back.

And concentrate on the target when they are about about to let go.

After releasing all the arrows.

The girls go to the target and assess on how did the arrows went.

Was it bullseye?

Did they hit the target?

Was there an arrow which went on outerspace? (The term we use if an arrow went above the hay.)

After 2 days of practicing, the girls can hit the target already.

Way to go girls!

Just enjoy your new sport.

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