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Discover and Enjoy Arizona: Malling at Chandler Fashion Center

Had bonding with the girls after work today.

It’s a girl thing going around the shops at Chandler Fashion Center.

We enjoy looking at the clothes.

Especially the bags.

What caught their attention though were the watches.

They like the design of Thom Olson watches at Macy’s.

The watches are cute.

There are removable charms on the bracelet.

Fiona got the black one.

Faye selected the rose gold.

This mama is so thankful.

The items were on sale!

3 thoughts on “Discover and Enjoy Arizona: Malling at Chandler Fashion Center”

  1. Nothing beats the experience of malling and enjoying the ambiance of being in a mall. Seeing the sights, browsing and touching the merchandise. With online shopping now, I find it hard to see how some folks prefer to just shop by computer instead of going to the mall. It is good that your girls enjoy going to the mall(must be because back in the Philippines, malling is a way of life).

    1. Yes po. I too still don’t do online shopping. The SM Manila is just a few minutes away from the university they attended. They usually waited for me there while I was on a part time job at another univ before. Thanks much.

      1. You are welcome. The only exceptions that i would consider online shopping is if i cant find it in a physical store or if i cannot travel in a blizzard—lol.

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