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My girls Discovering and Enjoying Arizona

My girls have only been in Arizona for a month now.

I want them to learn more about their new home.

When we are not working we bring them to different places.

Or, sometimes after work, we still bring them around town.

On their first day here, we visited Payson, hoping that the girls would experience their first snow.

At Superior

At Payson

At Payson

Zoe already celebrated her 12th birthday here.

Actually, we were lucky to get a plane ticket on the 3rd of April, two days before Zoe’s birthday.

If we traveled after her 12th birthday that would mean an adult rate of airfare for her.

This mama was lucky.I saved nearly $200!

At MOD pizza, on Zoe’s 12th bday.

At the Bass Pro Shop

At the Cabela’s

For the past two weeks, we went boat shopping at the Bass Pro Shop and the Cabela’s.

The girls enjoyed the mini zoo and the shooting gallery.

The girls like shooting.

Faye at one time even had a perfect score of 200!

At Phoenix

Pictures above were taken at the Phoenix Zoo.

Their first hiking was at the Boyce Thompson arboretum.

We brought chips and chocolates.

And a must in hiking is water!


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