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11 Checklist in Traveling Overseas With Kids

To travel is to prepare. If you travel with kids, you need to prepare more. Thus, much time is needed in preparation. Or as the expert travelers would tell us. Be more smart in the preparation to save time and effort...

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8 Super Tips to Teach Kids About Budgeting

Budget is a simple 5-letter word. In reality though it's complicated. Even to the adults. How much more to the kids. How do parents like me then introduce the idea of budgeting to the kids? I would say it depends on the age of the kids. Also, in their orientation growing up in the family. As for me, these simple steps helped me a lot to educate my daughters about money and budgeting.

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10-Point Checklist in Hunting Preparation

In a few weeks we will be going hunting again here in Arizona. What do you need to go hunting? How do you prepare? What do you even bring with you? These were some of the questions I asked the first time we went hunting. I documented what's needed in hunting preparation. I am hoping this helps people who are interested in going to the mountain.

budget, budget for the family, budgeting, easy steps to budget for the family, how to budget for the family

5 Easy Steps to Budget for the Family

"How do you budget for your family?" That is the usual question me and my friends asked from each other every time we had a chance to meet. Yes, teachers also do the budget. I used to teach Basic Economics at the University. And our senior colleagues shared with us their budgeting experiences. Why do we need to budget?

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Woodbury Fire Smoke and Sunrise at the Superstition Mountains

At the moment, that's the view from our part of the world. The Woodbury fire smoke at the Superstition Mountains seems thicker today as seen from Apache Junction. Tonto National Forest officials yesterday reported that the Woodbury fire burning the Superstition Wilderness increased at 14,000 acres overnight ( It has become wider from 66,000 acres… Continue reading Woodbury Fire Smoke and Sunrise at the Superstition Mountains

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Woodbury Fire on Superstition Wilderness (video)

We passed by this view yesterday on our way to a friend's wedding. Smoke from the Woodbury fire. The Woodbury fire burning Superstition Wilderness sparked on June 8. It has burned more than 65,000 acres. More than a thousand firefighters are trying to combat the fire. Reports claim that they have contained 42% already. We… Continue reading Woodbury Fire on Superstition Wilderness (video)

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Summer Activity: Scorpion Hunting by Zoe

(This is a guest post by Zoe, my younger daughter). I went scorpion hunting at night around the property! I never dreamed I would do this. Living in Manila, once in a while I saw scorpions but I was too scared of them. And I saw them at daytime. I can't believe that I went… Continue reading Summer Activity: Scorpion Hunting by Zoe