Bearizona, drive-thru wildlife park, wildlife park, Williams, Arizona

Bearizona: A Drive-Thru Wildlife Park

Last Saturday we were supposed to visit Sedona.

On our way though we stopped by at Williams and decided to go for a while at Bearizona.

We never reached Sedona because we enjoyed so much at Bearizona.

We stayed there for how many hours.

Bearizona is a drive-thru wildlife park.

It offers many different kinds of North American animals.

On board the truck, we drove around the scenic 3 mile drive-thru zoo.

We saw the wild animals in their natural forested environment.

The Foxes.

There are many black bears roaming around the forest.

The tourists were advised not to open the windows of their vehicles for safety purposes.

The bighorn sheep.

The Jaguar:

I even looked closely at the jaguar.

It was safe. He is in an enclosed cage.

The eyes were green. He was scary.

The deer.

The white peacock.

There are many other kinds of wildlife animals too see and enjoy.

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