Linda's Hoosier cafe, Mesa, Arizona, old single grandpa, the chairman

The Chairman

Most people at the Linda’s Hoosier cafe call him “The Chairman”.

Other guests call him the “The Newsbreaker”.

But some of his news ain’t true.

“Your news is fake”, says a lady guest at one time to the Chairman.

Especially when he told her that the Neighborhood Walmart was closing.

But it didn’t!

And who really is the chairman?

His name is Raymond.

He is a single grandpa in his late 70s.

He lives alone.

He occupies a space at the 55+community just across the cafe.

A 55+ community in Arizona is a retirement community.

No child around in these communities.

The chairman rides on this scooter.

Very early everyday he goes to the Hoosier cafe for breakfast.

At times even for lunch.

The Linda’s Hossier Cafe is at E University Dr at Mesa, Arizona.

The chairman arrives even before the cook arrives.

He usually have a glass of water and a cup of coffee while waiting for the cafe to officially open at 6am.

As soon as he opens the door of the cafe, the chairman starts reciting his news.

Or, the way he interprets the news.

This scooter takes the Chairmam wherever he likes to go.

That is, anywhere near his mobile home.

The scooter can bring him to the Neighborhood Walmart which is just a few feet away from the cafe.

The chairman likes to talk to people.

He chats to almost everybody.

As if all are listening to him.

Well, others do listen.

And even chat back to him.

Others though do not!

They are sort of immune to him already.

Sometimes the Chairman gets his news from the original source.

Like he goes to Walmart to shop and to “gather” news.

Most of his news come from what he watches on TV though.

“He just tell it the way he likes to”, says another male guest at the cafe.

This guest should know!

The chairman goes to his table every morning.

To share his news!

Everybody likes the Chairman.

If he’s not around, they ask about him.

“What did you do with Ray this morning?” they would ask the staff at the cafe.

When told that people were asking about him.

The chairman just flash his lazy grin.

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