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How to Roll the Silverware in Napkins

I used to admire the very neatly rolled silverware at the restaurants.

Or at the University affairs where there was catering services.

I had no idea how it was done.

When I had the chance to learn it, it turned out that “it’s so easy”!

And it’s an art!

It needs expertise.

So, how’s it done?

First, you must have the napkin.

It needs to be thick.

If the napkin is thin, there’s a tendency that it will be torn when you roll the silverware.

The thicker the napkin is, the better.

Second step, fold the napkin into two.

Third, fold the napkin one more time.

Then place the knife at the middle of the napkin.

Put the fork on top of the knife.

The spoon is atop the fork.

Once those three silverware are atop each other on the napkin,

Follow these steps:

a. Get the bottom left side of the napkin and put it at the middle on top of the silverware.

b. Check that the silverware are on top of each other

c. Tighten the napkin by adjusting it against the silverware.

d. Fold the bottom right side of the napkin so that the silverware will not fall down.

e. Put your fingers on top of the silverware.

f. Slowly roll the napkin towards the end.

g. Put pressure on the silverware as you roll the napkin.

h. Get a napkin band.

i. Put the band around the napkin. One side of the band is sticky.

j. The sticky part must be put first. Roll the napkin again making sure it’s tight.

k. It’s now ready for use.

Some servers usually prepare the materials needed first before they start rolling the silverware.

The Napkins.

The Bands.

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