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Summer Activity: Scorpion Hunting by Zoe

(This is a guest post by Zoe, my younger daughter).

I went scorpion hunting at night around the property!

I never dreamed I would do this.

Living in Manila, once in a while I saw scorpions but I was too scared of them.

And I saw them at daytime.

I can’t believe that I went scorpion hunting in Arizona for three consecutive nights.

We are planning to do it every night.

When Bob asked me if I wanted to go scorpion hunting I looked at my mom.

That was new to me, to us.

My mom even didn’t go with us.

My curiosity won.

I said Yes!

I like to go scorpion hunting.

Armed with a flashlight, a wooden stick, and scorpion spray, we went out of the house.

We went down around Trixie’s stable. Trixie is a donkey.

We walked around the chicken coops.

We checked under the mesquite trees.

Initially I was scared but I want to know what scorpions look like in the dark so we continued to look for more.

I was also frightened everytime the grasses brushed my feet.

I sometimes thought that there was something on my foot.

Especially as someone told me that the snakes also appear at night time.

Thankfully there was none.

While we were walking around, I imagined the snakes around my arm.

The scorpion on my foot.

The scorpion walking towards me.

But I really wanted to see the scorpions at night so I fought these thoughts.

I said to myself it was just an imagination.

I was amazed that scorpions glow under the light.

That was the first time I’ve seen such a thing.

Once we sighted a scorpion under the light, Bob used the spray on it.

And used the wooden stick until the scorpion died.

There were two scorpions which escaped though.

It didn’t bother us.

We will get them another nights.

On that first night alone we killed 19 scorpions!

Everytime we killed a scorpion I imagined that the scorpion was walking towards.

That he was going to bite me so I was kinda scared.

But it actually didn’t.

It was just my imagination.

We killed 19 scorpions .

I was unharmed.

I felt better.

I also had a great time killing the scorpions. I know they are dangerous as their bites sting.

I wanted it to do one more time with all of us so we can enjoy it together.

On our second night of scorpion hunting we killed 17!

Last night, my sister Faye joined us.

I told her my feelings, my excitement on that first night. She wanted to experience also.

She held the flashlight. I took pictures.

There was a bonus last night.

We saw two owls on the branch of the tree.

They were so cute.

As for the scorpions, we killed another 19 on the third night.

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  1. We used to live in Chandler AZ……scorpion capital of Arizona!๐Ÿ˜ wait until you see a mama scorpion with all her babies on her back!!๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ So scary!!!! How are you guys doing with the Woodbury Fire?? Are you near it? Stay safe!!

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