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6 Tips on How to Conquer Fear of Heights

I conquered my fear of heights by doing the zip line.

And at the second highest but the longest zip line in the Philippines!

It’s a long story.

But going places is one of the perks of being a teacher.

Some teachers might not agree with me though.

But as a college teacher for 22 years, I visited some beautiful places.

I attended seminars, conferences, trainings, and assemblies for professional development.

I saw scenic views and experienced new things on the side trips.

Of course the side trips are always on the teacher’s personal expenses not the University anymore.

At times faculty researchers like me present our papers in those conferences.

Like what I did in Bacolod City (Philippines) two years ago.

Side trips are always fun after the academic responsibilities!


“Being prepared by the team”

Never in my wildest dreams that I would do the zip line.

But I did!!!

Well, I had no choice really. All my companions were doing it. And once they reach the other side of the mountain, they will not be coming back to where I was waiting anymore.

What would you do if you were in my position?

Of course, I took the challenge.

“Ready to Go”

Just like what I did when we explored the caves at Sagada, Mountain Province. (I will write about it on another post).

How did I manage it?

How did I survive?

Initially, I thought was going to die!!!

And I cannot go back anymore.

I was up there alone, in the middle of nowhere!!!

My heart kept on pumping so loud.

I can even hear its noise.


“Above the Wilderness”

How did I conquer my fear of heights?

1. Keep Calm.

2. Don’t panic. Nobody can help you up there.

3. Just think you will reach the other side after a while.


4. Open your eyes if you are not too scared to do it. And, enjoy the view.

5. Or, you can just close your eyes for a while calm yourself.

Feel the winds.

Feel he noise of your heart pumping so loud.

6. Once you have become calmed, “Slowly Open Your Eyes”.

Watch the beauty of the wilderness, your kingdom at that moment.

You will feel relax eventually.

The winds.

The chirps of the birds.

The scorching heat of the sun.

These will surely make you feel alive.

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