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10-Point Checklist in Hunting Preparation

In a few weeks we will be going hunting again here in Arizona.

What do you need to go hunting?

How do you prepare?

What do you even bring with you?

These were some of the questions I asked the first time we went hunting.

I documented what’s needed in hunting preparation.

I am hoping this helps people who are interested in going to the mountain.

To enjoy the beautiful nature.

To experience hunting.

These things must be ready the night before the big day.

1. The green clothes.

Everything should be green.

So that the animals would not see the hunter easily.

Once the animals saw the hunter they would scamper away.

It is common also to use layers of clothes for comfort. It is too cold up there on the mountain especially at dawn. And hunters start their day very early.

One should use two or three shirts with sweater and even two pants.

2. Hunting boots/shoes.

They must be sturdy.

The kind that do not slip easily.

They should protect your feet and legs because there are many cacti with thorns on the mountain.

3. Gloves.

It was cold out in the wilderness.

A pair of gloves is always handy.

4. The head gear.

It could be hat or anything to protect your head from the cold. I have a hat and a hoodie. I also had a neckerchief.


5. The binoculars.

These would help the hunter monitor the whereabouts of the animals.

It’s exciting to see animals in their natural habitat.

6. The food and drinks.

Bring bottles of water in your backpack.

Water is always the best. But bring a can of soda if you want to.

That’s what I did.

Food like sandwich or bread or biscuits.

No one can tell when you will be seeing the animals.

Or if you saw them already, can you get them from your location?

7. Tissues/Napkin.

These are handy in case you need to do number 1 (pee) or number 2 (bowel movement).

8. The dependable backpack.

It must be durable for all the stuff needed for the hunting.

9. The Hunting Rifle.

If you are the real hunter you must surely bring this.

Complete with ammunitions.

I am not a licensed hunter yet. And I don’t like guns of any kind. I only went for the experience. I was the assistant of the real hunter.

10. Selfie stick.

Do not forget this for taking pictures to document the experience.

And yes, the pictures are needed for the blog.


5 thoughts on “10-Point Checklist in Hunting Preparation”

  1. Your hunting trips are a lot more exciting than mine… I usually look out in the backyard and see what’s making itself available lol!

      1. I confess that I do hunt in my backyard lol!

        Thank you for following the blog!!

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