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11 Checklist in Traveling Overseas With Kids

To travel is to prepare.

If you travel with kids, you need to prepare more.

Thus, much time is needed in preparation.

Or as the expert travelers would tell us.

Be more smart in the preparation to save time and effort.

But what should be done to avoid hassle in traveling overseas with our kids?

Here are some tips.

These were the things that I did two months ago before I traveled with my two girls.

1.Check the passports.

Look at the expiration date.

In the Philippines, the passport should be at least 6 months valid before you can travel abroad.

2. Check if the visa has been delivered.

Do not book a flight without receiving the visa yet.

If you are migrating, it’s a big NO also to dispose any property if the visa isn’t delivered yet.

Or, check if the country you are visiting requires a visa or not.

3. Research if the kids need to attend a seminar/orientation required by the government before going out of the country.

If required, they need to attend such because this sticker will be placed in the passport.

5. Check at the appropriate government agency if the kids can travel with you without any form or authorization signed by the other parent.

If you aren’t their mother or father, you need to secure one.

6. If you are migrating to another country, bring all documents that will possibly be needed in enroling the kids to a school.

7. Vaccine records are needed.

Do not forget to include this documents in your traveling folder.

Schools in the US requires the vaccine records of the kids in registration.

8. Bring an original copy of the kids’ birth certificate.

This is a requirement in securing social security number for the kids.

9. Book a flight.

Once the tickets are with you, check the information if they are correct.

Getting an insurance is optional. It’s good to have a travel insurance but it means additional expense.

10. Buy currency of your destination country.

But don’t forget to bring money of your currency also.

You might need to pay something at the airport like travel tax.

Or, the kids might just get hungry while waiting for your flight.

Not a big problem though if you don’t have the local currency anymore you can always go to the money changer.

11. Are your kids experienced travelers by the way?

If not, you must be ready with motion sickness medicines.

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  1. Travelling with very young children or toddlers is a diff story 😅. Then aside from the local currency, you may have a credit card, too.

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