Simplicity Defined In Photos

I was always on the go.At least until three years ago.I don't consider myself as go-getter though.Not always.It depends on what was at stake.Further education?Yes to that.Opportunities for professional development?Also, yes.Power tripping?Position to show off?Nah.Lately I was looking for signs on what direction to follow.Then I came across Confucius' take on life.And I saw these… Continue reading Simplicity Defined In Photos

monsoon rains in arizona, monsoon storms in arizona, monsoon storms in the valley

Monsoon Storms in Arizona (video)

These past weeks have been too hot here in the Valley. Everybody awaits the monsoon rains. Today on our way home from the Office Max where we bought additional school supplies for the girls. It rained! And we were not home yet! We like watching the rains from our living room. But since we are… Continue reading Monsoon Storms in Arizona (video)

back to school, importance of spending of student's school supplies, why parents need to buy complete school supplies for their kids, why student's need school supplies

10 Reasons Why It’s Absolutely Necessary to Spend on Your Kid’s School Stuff

There are some parents who almost don't want to spend money for their children's school supplies."Be smart! Study without bothering me to buy you stuff", that's what some parents tell their kids.It depends on the grade level of the kids, and also the school.But the usual supplies needed in school are:I have to admit I… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why It’s Absolutely Necessary to Spend on Your Kid’s School Stuff

amazing dish, asian food, grilled pompano fish, meking asian store, mekong supermarket, pompano fish

Amazing Dish To Try Right Now

There are times I crave for Asian food. Though I don't eat much rice nowadays. It's a good thing that there's Asian store near our place. Its name is Mekong Supermarket. It offers different Asian foods, produce, meat, fish, etc. We shop at Mekong at least once a month. We always buy Pompano fish. We… Continue reading Amazing Dish To Try Right Now

the pet we love, tiny the tortoise, tortoise, tortoise as a pet

The Pet We Love: Tiny, The Tortoise, in His Kingdom (video)

He used to be a very small tortoise. Thus, the name Tiny. He eats Collard Greens. Sometimes Kale. At times, leaves of sweet potato. Tiny's kingdom is at the patio garden. He dug a small hole in the ground for himself. He comes out always every afternoon. When he hears our voices as we swing.… Continue reading The Pet We Love: Tiny, The Tortoise, in His Kingdom (video)

appreciate simple things, how to be happy, rule to happiness, simple rule to happiness, tip to be happy

Simple Rule To Happiness

Learn to appreciate things around you. However simple they are. The birds. The bird's nest on the cactus. The bird's eggs under the sweet potato leaves. The quail bird guarding her eggs. Below is a short video of the quail eggs underneath the sweet potato leaves which I planted in the grapefruit big pot. Everyone's… Continue reading Simple Rule To Happiness

appreciate nature, how to relax, tips in relaxing, tips on how to relax, what to do when you are tired, when you feel too tired

How to Relax When You Feel Too Tired

I have been working daily lately.I feel really exhausted.Like today.These views though make me feel relaxed.I have learned to appreciate nature.The picturesque mountain.The striking saguaros whose exact origins remain a mystery.And the clear blue sky.From my swing at the patio, I took video of the Superstition Mountain and the Saguaros.They make my senses more calm.And… Continue reading How to Relax When You Feel Too Tired

guidelines in transferring to a school abroad, how to select a school, things to do in transferring to a school abroad, what to do to transfer to a school abroad

A Practical Guide to Transferring in a New School Abroad

Back to school is fast approaching here in the USA.Some students are excited and others are nervous.Zoe, my younger daughter, is nervous because it's her first time to go to school here in Arizona.She knows that she needs to be ready in the first day of school.And there are many things to prepare especially for… Continue reading A Practical Guide to Transferring in a New School Abroad

doodle, doodle it your boredom, how to kill boredom, just doodle, what to do when you're bored

What To Do When You’re Bored

(Written by my daughter).I doodle to express myself.And to kill boredom.It's fun!Today, we went with mama to her work.Our air conditioning unit is under construction.We can't stay at home without AC.It's too hot in the Valley this time of the year.While waiting for mama to finish her work.I doodled for a few minutes.Here's the result.1.… Continue reading What To Do When You’re Bored