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Beginner’s Guide to Traveling Alone

1. Be alert.

Always keep your radars up.

Be civil but not too friendly.

Be mindful of your surrounding.

2. Don’t trust anybody.

It’s okay to talk to other people.

But don’t give them all your information.

Also, don’t talk about your plans to them.

You do not know them personally.

3. Know where you are going.

Read about your destination.

It pays to be prepared.

It can boost your confidence.

4. Don’t grab the first thing that you see.

Especially if you are on a tight budget, it’s better to ask prices first then compare.

It doesn’t feel good to be taken advantage of.

5. Smile always.

People are more willing and ready to help a smiling lady in distress rather than a grumpy one.

6. Be prepared always.

Don’t expect that your travel is always a bed of roses.

7. Learn to adjust.Not all people would adjust to you.

As the saying says “when in Rome, do what the Romans do”.

8. Be flexible.

You are not the one to be followed always.

Especially if you are a part of a group.

9. Jot down notes or take pictures.

Familiarize yourself with the landmarks.The notes or pictures will help you find your way back to your hotel.

10. Be mindful of the culture of the place.

Don’t compare how things are done in your country and how they are done in your destination country.

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