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Something Fun to Do: Visit Sedona, The Red Rock Country (Part1)

One day is not enough to visit all the beautiful places in Sedona.

What we have seen in July 4 though made us very happy.

No words can describe my feelings upon entering the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

What a sight!

Going up there was a good exercise.

For those who are not up to walking, there’s a transport also.

Parking though was a little bit of a problem.

There were many people.

One hazzle of gallivanting around town on holidays!

The red rock country is so beautiful.

Anywhere you go is worth capturing.

The souvenir shops which offer works of mostly local artists are very colorful.

The stuff are beautiful.

The items are varied.

There are even dried long chilis!

It’s too difficult to go out of the shops without buying any of these pretty items.

It’s a plus that I saw this wagon infront of the shops.

I used to see the wagon only when I watched the old movies at GRIT tv station.

And the dinosaur statue is worth having a selfie with!

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