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Affordable Ways To Enjoy A Vacation

Some people equate vacation with lots of money.

That you can’t enjoy your life without much money.

Nowadays though there are affordable ways of enjoying a vacation.

Our visit to Sedona was one good example.

Here’s a list of activities that one can do without needing money.

1. Hopping from one red rock mountain to another.

Vacationers like us enjoyed taking pictures with the red mountain at the background.

We just love the beautiful mountains.

As if the mountain has its own magic.

2. Visiting the souvenir shops.

3. Looking at the beautiful art works of mostly local artists.

4. Hiking with family and friends.

5. Relaxing on the creek.

6. Enjoying the tall green trees.

7. Taking videos to preserve the memories.

8. Learning about the past.

9. Being educated in other people’s way of life.

10. Bonding with family and friends

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