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10 Side Jobs for Teachers

Teaching is a full-time job.

It’s a tough job educating the future leaders of the country.

Do teachers make good money?

In some countries, teachers are not paid enough.

Thus, they need to have hustle jobs or side jobs.

Here’s a list of possible side jobs for teachers.

1. Teach part time in other schools.

Ask from the Personnel department of your school if you are allowed to teach as part time in another institution.

Teachers can do this after their official hours in full time teach.

Many schools in Manila, Philippines allow their teachers to teach part time in other universities.

There are requirements though to be met.

One is the student evaluation rating of the concerned teacher.

It should not be lower than 90%.

It depends on the university though.

Universities which accept part time teachers require also permit to teach from the school where the teacher works as full time.

2. Accept subjects for substitution.

If there are extra subjects in the department, the head usually looks for substitute teachers.

Or, if there are teachers who are on leave substitute teachers are needed.

There are some teachers though who do not want to teach extra subjects.

It’s because tbey do not want more paper works.

For others they think that extra income is extra money but also higher tax to pay.

3. Write a book or a module.

It’s an extra income of P25,000-P50,000 (about $500-$1000) a semester.

It depends on whether you are a sole author or not.

It depends also on your contract with your publisher as to how many percent of the book sales will go to the author.

4. Accept speaking engagements.

Teachers who are invited to talk about certain topics on their expertise are given honorarium.

The amount varies.

It depends also on whether the teacher talks on a plenary session or not.

The educational attainment is also considered.

5. Edit thesis/dissertations.

Thesis writers are required to have their books be read by a grammarian.

A certificate is issued afterwards.

The fee varies also on the experience of the teacher.

The turn around time is also considered.

7. Become a research assistant.

Graduate school students are usually allowed to have research assistants to help them in their thesis/dissertation.

The actual write up though must be done by the student.

8. Teach online.

Nowadays there are many companies hiring teachers to teach online students who are in different countries like Vietnam, China, South Korea etc.

The teachers are paid per session of 20 minutes, or 25 minutes, or 50 minutes, etc.

Below is an example of an ads needing teachers.

9. Become a freelance writer.

There are many companies which are looking for writers and/or content creators.

Below is an example of their ads.

Do you have EXCEPTIONAL written English skills?
Want to earn US dollars?
Now paying $10 per article.

10. Be a tour guide.

When I visited Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam the tour guides are English teachers.

They were the ones who showed us Ho Chi Minh city by motorcycle.

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