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How to Get Rid of Extra Pounds the Easy Way


Walk for how many rounds.


Or, everytime you have the chance.

That’s our secret.

To get rid of extra pounds.

We walk around the property almost everyday.

We started doing 5 rounds.

We add one round everyday.

This is the scene that we see everyday.

It’s a bonus that we get to view the beautiful sunset.

The saguaro cactus.

The palo verde trees.

And the moon also.

If we decide to continue walking until night.

It’s a delightful way to lose weight.

We don’t need to go to the gym.

We just walk and walk and walk.

It’s effective on our part.

I used to be 144 pounds.

After how many days of walking from 5 rounds to 13 rounds around the property daily.

My weight dropped to 139 pounds.

And by the way we get to see the Superstition Mountain too.

The mountain seems near.

But actually it’s not that near.

We can actually view the Superstition Mountain from our driveway.

As if we aren’t doing exercise.

We talk while we walk.

It’s our bonding moments also.

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  1. Walking is indeed a good way of losing weight but I believe that the weight loss benefits must not get lost by taking precautions—for ex., do not eat a lot after the walk. This also applies whether you hit the gym or do any other type of exercise. Drinking water right after will keep you full for a while and prevent excessive eating. If you really need to eat something after a good exercise, eat something of protein to replenish the muscle protein lost during exercise.

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