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Smart Strategies To Avoid Sleeping in Class

Sleeping in class is prohibited because it is considered as lack of interest towards the subject.

It could also be construed as disrespect to the teacher.

Even if there are many external factors that may cause a student feeling sleepy in class.

It is still not permitted.

But how can students avoid sleeping in class?

Here’s the top 10 tips.

This article is a collaboration of my daughters.

They’re in Grades 8 and 12.

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday.

Sleep is our body’s only time to rest.

Lack of sleep leads to being sleepy during class.

2. While in class, sit up straight and look infront.

It makes you feel more attentive in class.

You would become more alert somehow.

3. Take a shower every morning before going to schoool!

Showering wakes up your body.

Thus making you wide awake in class.

Don’t forget to take that cold shower in the morning!

4. Participate in the class disscussion.

Interact with your teacher and classmates to be alert.

And more focus on the topic under discussion.

5. Take notes, draw or doodle in your notebook

Keep yourself busy by drawing or taking down notes to redirect your mind from being sleepy.

If your hand is constantly moving you will eventually feel less sleepy.

6. Bring a bottle/jug of water.

If a bottle of water is handy, you can always take a sip of it everytime you fall sleepy.

7. Keep your hands away from your face.

Avoid getting too relaxed (and be more sleepy) by keeping your hands away from your face.

8. Go to the restroom and wash your face with cold water.

If you really can’t stay up in the class, go to the restroom and wash your face with cold water.

This would wake your senses up.

9. Hype yourself up in the restroom— Do the Chicken Dance!

10. If all of the above tips failed to wake you up, just pinch yourself.

And after pinching yourself, you are still sleepy . . .

Well, take your backpack, go somewhere else to sleep.

Not inside the class!

8 thoughts on “Smart Strategies To Avoid Sleeping in Class”

  1. Eating a good breakfast will keep energy levels up. Sitting in front of the class helps since one would be mindful that they cannot afford to be sleepy in front of the teacher. I would only recommend sitting in the back if I came in late or need to go to the rest room often. In this way, one does not become a distraction.

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