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A Practical Guide to Transferring in a New School Abroad

Back to school is fast approaching here in the USA.

Some students are excited and others are nervous.

Zoe, my younger daughter, is nervous because it’s her first time to go to school here in Arizona.

She knows that she needs to be ready in the first day of school.

And there are many things to prepare especially for a new student like her.

She needs school supplies, sets of uniform and other stuff.

But the most important and probably the most difficult part of transferring to a new school is:

To Decide Which Among the Schools To Enroll!

How to decide?

What to do?

How to do it?

Where to go?

Whom to talk to?

So many questions.

I took note of the stuff that we did in enrolling the girls.

I am sharing it here, hoping that these guidelines would help parents like me.

1. Prepare the required school documents.

The grades from the last school attended.

It helps if you have a copy of the description of subjects taken by your child from the previous school attended.

This helps in the evaluation process to determine the subjects to be taken by the student.

The list of vaccines that were given to the kid.

2. Scout for schools near your place.

3. Consider these questions in selecting a school?

a. Do you like your kid to enroll in public school?

b. Do you prefer your kid to attend the charter school?

Charter school is tuition-free school of choice that is publicly funded but independently run (

c. Can you afford to enroll your kid to a private school?

4. If you choose a public school, enroll your kid in the school district which covers your place of residence.

5. Or, you can also apply for open enrollment at the boundary public schools.

You are not a priority though. You are lucky if there’s available slot.

Or, you can wait until a slot becomes available.

6. If still undecided as to which school you are enrolling your kid, seek the advice of friends who have been in the area for a long time.

7. You can also go visit the schools and talk to the administrators.

8. You request for a campus tour so that you can see what type of facilities and services the school has to offer to the students.

9. Transportation is also a big factor in making a decision as to where you are enrolling your kid.

The school bus here is free.

But you need to consider the pick up and drop off place.

Is it near your house?

Is it safe for your kids to walk to the pick up and drop off points?

We think always for the safety of our kids.

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