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Learn How To Create A Blog

Part 1 – Why Start A Blog?

It’s my one year anniversary blogging today!

It was touch and go there for a while whether I could make it.

But we made it.

And I enjoyed it!

I didn’t know if I can make it this far.

But I did!

Me and my girls, Faye and Zoe did it!

But why blogging?

First off, you need to have a Reason why start a blog.

Your Reason serves as your motivation.

It pushes you to go on.

Your Reason could be anything.

As long as that Reason makes you write and create a blogpost.

Bloggers I have read said:

  1. Writing is their forte.
  2. It’s their passion.
  3. That blogging is a hobby.
  4. They want to earn extra income.
  5. To document their travels.

  6. One lady blogger said, she wants to share her expertise.
  7. Another wants to teach people how to do things.
  8. For some they just want something to do.
  9. It’s a means to interact with other people.
  10. To distract emotions.
  11. Or, some people think other bloggers just want to show off.

    In my case, my reason falls under number 10 above.

    I was missing my daughters who were still in Manila then.

    I wanted to be very busy.

    I wanted to use my blogging to distract my feelings of homesickness.

    And I started blogging the unconventional way.

    There was no plan.

    One day that I was chatting with my girls after their class, I mentioned that I read sometimes blog posts.

    “If I do blog, what’s a good name for a website?” I asked them.

    They asked me, “Are you even serious?”

    We brainstormed for a blog name.

    The first 5 names we came up with, they were all taken already.

    Until we thought of itslifelyn!

    It took me hours to decide on the first post.

    And hours also to upload it.

    Faye and Zoe read first my first few articles before I uploaded them.

    They were my first editors!

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