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Tips in Buying a Boat

Every boat is beautiful!

The more colorful the boat is, the more I like it.

The bigger, the better.

Or at first that’s what I thought.

But alas being colorful and big aren’t the basis in buying a good boat.

These are some of the things to consider in buying a boat.

1. Your budget.

How much money is allotted for your boat?

You have to choose a boat which price falls within the range of your budget.

The more powerful the boat is, the more expensive.

The more accessories the boat has, the more pricey it is.

2. The capacity of the boat.

How many persons will be riding in your boat?

This one has maximum capacity of 4 persons.

3. How much horsepower do you need for your boat?

Do you want much speed?

If not? Then there’s no need to invest in a high horsepower motor.

The size of the boat has nothing to do with it being powerful.

There are big boats but have lower hp.

The boat above has 90HP as maximum recommended HP.

There are smaller boats in built but more powerful ones.

The boat below has 300HP as maximum recommended HP.

4. Where are you planning to use your boat? Which lakes?

Is it easy to maneuver and bring the boat to the lake?

If it is not, then most probably get a smaller boat. It is easier to get it on the lake.

5. The towing capacity of your truck/car.

If your boat is big, does your truck/car has the capacity to tow it to your destination?

6. Check the design of the boat if it has all the accessories you need.

A place for your fishing poles.

A live well for the fishes.

The chairs.

Do you need a two-seater?

Or do you want a three-seater?

7. Do you need the boat immediately?

Or, can you wait for the clearance sale?

A $500 discount is a big help!

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