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What Everybody Ought To Know About Saluyot (Jute Leaves)

Saluyot leaves are antioxidants.It is also known as Jute leaves, and Egyptian spinach.

I grew up in the province of Ilocos Sur in the Philippines where Saluyot is common.We used to gather Saluyot from the farm after school.

Saluyot is delicious especially if cooked with vinegar and garlic.

Even if it is slimy/slippery.

I never knew though that saluyot is very good for the body.

We ate it because it was always there.

It was free!

Dr. Lydia M. Marero (Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Research Center (DOST-FNRI) in the Philippines reported that the jute leaves originated in Egypt.

And it was the source of health and beauty of the Egyptian royalties.

That even the beautiful Queen Cleopatra of Egypt ate Saluyot (Philippine Star).

The benefits of Saluyot according to Marero:

1. It is rich in beta carotene for good eyesight.

2. It has iron for healthy red blood cells.

3. It also has calcium for strong bones and teeth.

4. Plus vitamin C for smooth, clean skin.

5. For strong immune cells.

6. Finally, for fast wound-healing.

I was able to buy a bundle of saluyot at Mekong, the International Store in Mesa, Arizona.

It’s expensive at nearly $6.00 for few pieces.

So I decided to try and plant the stems.

I was hoping it would grow.

And it did!Only two of the more than 10 stems I planted grew.They are surviving the summer heat here in Arizona.

A grandpa from the Philippines gave me Saluyot seeds upon learning that I like the green leafy vegetable.

I planted the seeds a few weeks ago.

I used different pots and hid them behind the mesquite tree.

So the birds would not eat them.

Here they are now:In a matter of days I will be eating Saluyot leaves again.

Without spending any penny.

Because they come from my patio garden.

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