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Learn How To Create A Blog

Part 2 – What Do You Want To Write About?

This is a continuation of my blogging series.

I hope this will help aspiring bloggers out there to start their dream.

A few days ago I have published Part 1 – Why blog? Here’s the link.

So, you want to start a blog.

You have identified already your reason why you want to become a blogger.

The next question is:

What are you going to blog about?

Some would say, I can blog about anything.

Yea, right.

But once you sit down and want to start writing it’s difficult to do it if you do not have a focus.

Thus, it is important that you certain have topics on mind.

The topics must be of interest to you.

It could be about your hobbies.

Or something you are very passionate about.

If you have advocacy, you can write about it.

It’s easier to blog though if you like what you are writing about.

And if you know what you are blogging about.

You can even finish an article without doing research.

Because you know what you are talking about!

For a start, you can also use your life experiences.

As you go along you can write about more topics.

You gain confidence after publishing each article.

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