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Lived Experience Of A Helpless and Hopeless Blind Couple At The Height Of Typhoon

Blind couple Ana, 44 and Alex, 64 (not their real names) are from Leyte in southern Philippines.

They are childless and live by themselves.

Their blindness was caused by measles during their childhood.

Alex earns a living by climbing coconut trees and gathering “tuba” (coconut wine).

At the height of super typhoon Haiyan the couple said they were afraid and did not know what to do.
“Natakot kami at hindi alam ang gagawin”, they exclaimed.

They felt so helpless and hopeless.

Their neighbors, Ana said, were busy saving themselves and cannot be blamed for not rescuing them.

Her brother lives in another village.

The blind couple said, they lost hope and they thought they were going to die.

(“Nawalan na kami ng pag-asa, akala namin mamatay na kami”, said Ana).

The couple hid under the table while waiting for help. Ana said they did not bother about food.

They just wanted someone to rescue them.

We were crying while we prayed, we just sat down. We were not able to sleep the whole night“, she told the researcher.

(“Umiiyak kami habang nagdadasal, nakaupo lang kami. Di kami nakatulog magdamag”, Ana narrated”).

Her brother rescued them very early morning the following day.

He brought them at the day care center.

Her brother said he evacuated first his wife and his two children then went back for the couple.

On their way to the evacuation area, the couple got many cuts from woods as they cannot see their way. The brother held the couples’ hands, and was looking up while they walked.

The brother held the couples’ hands, and was looking up while they walked.

He was afraid the coconut trees would fall on them.

The blind couple’s house was pinned down by a coconut tree just a few minutes after they were rescued.

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