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A 12 Point Packing Checklist When Going On Camping

Camping is great!

It needs a thorough preparation though.

Here’s a checklist of To-Do things to enjoy camping.

1. The tent.

Make sure to pack all the paraphernalias.

2. The chairs.

You need something to seat on.

Get the folded ones they are easy to pack.

3. The mat, bedding, blanket, and pillow.

4. The clothes.

Bring sweater and/or jackets.

It’s cold up there especially at dawn.

You need thick clothes.

5. The kitchen utensils: silverwares, cup, kitchen knife, etc.

The grill and the stove.

6. Water.

For drinking, washing cups, and brushing teeth.

7. Paper towels, wipes and tissue paper.

For cleaning purposes and of course hygiene too.

8. A box of match or lighter.

For cooking.

For making a campfire, if allowed.

Be mindful of fire restrictions.

9. A portable table.

You need something to put your stuff, food etc.

10. A lantern.

11. Ropes. Lots of it.

You need these in tying the tarpaulin.

12. Lots of plastic bags and trash bags.

Always bring lots of food, bread and chips.

Especially if you have kids.

And follow rules always.

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