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Where The Wildflowers Bloom

Wildflowers abound in the high country!

We came across these beauties on our way to Mogollon Rim for the bear camp 2019.

They are blooming.

While the roses in my patio garden have wilted flowers because of the heat.

Wildflowers in the North are stunning!

They are everywhere.

Even at the roadside.

One can’t help but appreciate nature at its finest.

We stopped to capture these blooms in photos in those areas where it was safe to park for a while.

They are in different kinds and colors too.

The orange ones.

The yellows.

The whites.

The purple ones.

There are also reds.

The plant at the middle of the creek has a pretty yellow flower too.

Even the insects are attracted to these pretty flowers.

My girls enjoyed going around the field of wildflowers.

Indeed in this part of Arizona, the earth laughs in abundant wildflowers.

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