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Caution: Cute Young Ones and Young Once At Play!

We missed the waters.

It’s been a while since we’ve been to any body of water with running water!

It’s a very welcome extra that in bear camping 2019 we were able to go visit the Lower Canyon Creek with very cold water.

Zoe even joked, “mama the water is too cold, I am going to die!”

We enjoyed fooling around at the creek.

The girls even took pictures of our feet submerged in water!

I don’t know what’s with this.

I am not sure if it is a trend or something among the millenials.

But whatever it is, I find it cute now.

We had our own moments on top of the bigger rocks!

I told my girls that when I was young, me and my older sister used to go catch small crabs in the river near our ricefields.

I demonstrated to them how we did it on those times.

I used to look under the small rocks.

I am happy that my girls always help each other.

Faye assisting Zoe even at the creek.

I call Faye, Zoe’s 2nd mother.

She’s always there to help her younger sister especially when I am not around.

While we were busy bonding, the others especially the kids took a bath at the other part of the creek.

Some kids tried catching small butterflies.

The other campers had bonding chatting under the shade of the tree.

We super enjoyed the day.

With our shoes too wet though, we decided to ride at the back of the truck in going back to the camp site.

It was dusty.

But it’s worth it.

We saw nature at its finest.

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