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The Great Outdoors is Life’s Biggest Playground

Going to bear camp 2019 is the first for my girls.

Their first time also to experience the wilderness.

At the wilderness, there was No Mobile Signal.

No Japanese Anime for Faye.

No K-dramas for Zoe.

Their ingenuity came out.

Here’s how they enjoyed their first bear camping.

They played “volleyball” with pine cones.

I never thought pine cones could be so useful.

My daughters had lots of fun because of the pine cones.

They provided more bonding between the sisters.

The girls shot videos.

They got different subjects.

Still, the pine cones.

The camping chair.

The girls themselves.



Even the little butterflies which were innocently just flying around near the creek were not safe from their phone cameras.

The beautiful pine trees which provided us shade.

This mama who was just enjoying the hammock also was not spared.

The unknowing dog became a model.

The cows resting under the trees.

Zoe trying her tricks.

I am glad they were not bored.

They have learned to enjoy camping life using simple things.

They appreciate nature, the trees, the wild flowers, the creek. I will make another article about our creek adventure.

I overheard them talking about trees providing oxygen for everybody.

They expressed concern about Amazon rainforest on fire.

Video shooting was just one of the things they did to entertain themselves.

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