3 Funny Stories At The Cafe

(Series 1)

Most of the times people working at the cafe are busy.

But there is always a reason to smile and be happy😃.

Story #1


What do you like to drink ma’am?

Lady guest:

Water with snow.

The waitress just looked at her.

When the guest realized what she said, she laughed out loud.

She is a snowbird and just arrived in Arizona.

(Snowbird is the term used to refer to someone who moves to a warmer state in the winter).

Story #2.

Gentleman guest:

I’d like eggs, bacon, potato, and a toast.


How do you like the eggs, Sir?

Gentleman guest: From the chicken.

Story #3.

103-year old guest:

I would like a half order of biscuits and gravy.

Younger Friend:

Mine is an oatmeal and English muffin please.

103-year old guest:

An oatmeal here too.

Younger Friend:

I thought you wanted a biscuits and gravy?

103-year old guest:

Not anymore. I want to eat what you eat. I want to be strong like you!

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