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The Best Things to See in Arizona – The Canyon Lake

The Canyon Lake is known for great sceneries and a great place for watersports enthusiasts.

The lake is part of the Superstition Wilderness, of Tonto National Forest.

It’s probably the most picturesque one among the four dams created by the Salt River.

One cannot go near the Dam for security purposes.

We took the picture from a distance.

The lake is located between two mountains.

It is ideal for water skiing, fishing, or for sight seeing.

The Big Horn Sheep and other wildlife are also occasionally sighted from the lake.

We have seen this duck yesterday afternoon.

At the far end were swimmers and families having a picnic.

We needed to wear life jackets for safety purposes.

We read the instructions and announcements too.

It’s important to follow regulations always.

My girls tried driving the boat.

They enjoyed it very much.

When it was time for us to go home.

They kept asking “are we going home now?”.

But it was already getting dark.

And there were more people with their boats arriving.

The lake was getting crowded.

Many boaters would like to avoid the heat. They go to the late around 6 pm.

It’s difficult to maneuver the boat and the truck with more people around.

We took pictures of the sunset.

We were supposed to go back today after my work.

But the sky is little bit dark.

We feared that it might rain.

Boaters usually get out of the lake when it’s raining.

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