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OFW: Hindi Tayo Nangibang Bansa Para Mamatay (We Did Not Come Here To Die)

My friend owns restaurants.

But she’s not a typical business owner.

She’s different.

She works from dawn to late afternoon.

During winter, she works even longer hours.

She doesn’t just monitor the business.

She does the business.

She is the business.

She cooks.

She prepares the food.

She cleans.

She does the marketing.

She does the PR.

Name it and she’s doing it all!

And she’s 61 years old.

She does not look her age though.

She jokes a lot.

She laughs a lot.

When she’s tired though.

She reminds herself that she does not need to work.

There was one day.

There were too many guests at the restaurant.

She was the only one cooking.

She said:

Let us close.

I am tired.

We didn’t come here to die!

But of course we didn’t close.

We all worked until our official business time.

She just rested a few minutes.

Then continued working with the food orders.

She’s that professional.

She’s such an inspiration!

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