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The Great Outdoors is Life’s Biggest Playground

Going to bear camp 2019 is the first for my girls.Their first time also to experience the wilderness.At the wilderness, there was No Mobile Signal.No Japanese Anime for Faye.No K-dramas for Zoe.Their ingenuity came out.Here's how they enjoyed their first bear camping.They played "volleyball" with pine cones.I never thought pine cones could be so useful.My… Continue reading The Great Outdoors is Life’s Biggest Playground

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How to Relax When You Feel Too Tired

I have been working daily lately.I feel really exhausted.Like today.These views though make me feel relaxed.I have learned to appreciate nature.The picturesque mountain.The striking saguaros whose exact origins remain a mystery.And the clear blue sky.From my swing at the patio, I took video of the Superstition Mountain and the Saguaros.They make my senses more calm.And… Continue reading How to Relax When You Feel Too Tired