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Where The Wildflowers Bloom

Wildflowers abound in the high country! We came across these beauties on our way to Mogollon Rim for the bear camp 2019. They are blooming. While the roses in my patio garden have wilted flowers because of the heat. Wildflowers in the North are stunning! They are everywhere. Even at the roadside. One can't help… Continue reading Where The Wildflowers Bloom

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Hit The Road on Labor Day Weekend

We are on the road again! On our way to paradise. Our bear camp 2019 site at the Mogollon Rim. The girls are busy on their mobiles. They know there will be no service at the campsite, the wilderness. Road trip is always fun. The scenic views de-stress me. The saguaros are a delight to… Continue reading Hit The Road on Labor Day Weekend

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Hello Camping, Goodbye WiFi

We are going on a camping today. Everything is ready.The red truck is full of stuff. Up north at the Mogollon Rim in Arizona is the place to go. The Rim country embraces 50-mile radius around the town of Payson. Payson is 90 miles northeast of Phoenix. It has an elevation of 5,000 feet and… Continue reading Hello Camping, Goodbye WiFi

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Roadtrip to Sedona

On our way to Sedona, we passed by these beautiful sceneries. The beautiful sunrise over the mountains. Other travellers on the road. The boulder mountains. The communities on the mountains of Payson. We had breakfast at the renowned bee line cafe at Payson. I had the delicious corned beef hash with the crispy hash brown,… Continue reading Roadtrip to Sedona