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Hit The Road on Labor Day Weekend

We are on the road again! On our way to paradise. Our bear camp 2019 site at the Mogollon Rim. The girls are busy on their mobiles. They know there will be no service at the campsite, the wilderness. Road trip is always fun. The scenic views de-stress me. The saguaros are a delight to… Continue reading Hit The Road on Labor Day Weekend

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Affordable Ways To Enjoy A Vacation

Some people equate vacation with lots of money. That you can't enjoy your life without much money. Nowadays though there are affordable ways of enjoying a vacation. Our visit to Sedona was one good example. Here's a list of activities that one can do without needing money...

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Summer Bonding Between Mom and Daughters

It was a very hot summer day when we passed by the Rose Garden in Mesa, Arizona. We stopped by to appreciate the beauty of the thousands of roses. We had fun viewing the flowers which are arranged by colors in clusters. We took lots of pictures. That's one thing we have in common. Appeciating… Continue reading Summer Bonding Between Mom and Daughters