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When You Feel Hopeless, Remember The Sun Also Rises (video)

I took this video a few minutes ago here at Mesa, Arizona I love the sunrise. It reminds me of many things. But mainly of H O P E! Wherever you are at the moment. Whatever your situation is. Bear in mind that the sun always rises. Be positive. Think of ways to get through… Continue reading When You Feel Hopeless, Remember The Sun Also Rises (video)

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Learn How To Create A Blog

Part 1 - Why Start A Blog? It's my one year anniversary blogging today! It was touch and go there for a while whether I could make it. But we made it. And I enjoyed it! I didn't know if I can make it this far. But I did! Me and my girls, Faye and… Continue reading Learn How To Create A Blog


Simplicity Defined In Photos

I was always on the go. At least until three years ago. I don't consider myself as go-getter though. Not always. It depends on what was at stake. Further education? Yes to that. Opportunities for professional development? Also, yes. Power tripping? Position to show off? Nah. Lately I was looking for signs on what direction… Continue reading Simplicity Defined In Photos

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The Birds and the Powered Parachute

It's rest day today. Zoe and me stayed at the patio after lunch. We watched videos. And while we were relaxing on the swing, we were lucky to see these: A tiny bird entering the small hole, the highest one, on the saguaro cactus. The tiny bird is at the entrance of the small hole… Continue reading The Birds and the Powered Parachute

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Tip on How to Earn Extra Money

Officially I am on vacation. But I am not used to doing nothing. I have been juggling between jobs for as long as I can remember. True that I need to do stuff in Manila while on vacation. But there are things beyond my control like the issuance of the certificates and other stuff I… Continue reading Tip on How to Earn Extra Money

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Practice Driving @50

Finally, got the guts to seriously learn how to drive! I like it. I regret not driving before. But on second thought, maybe not. Ctto. With such heavy traffic in Manila, Philippines where I come from. And there were many options to commute there. I usually took the bus or the jeepney after my classes.… Continue reading Practice Driving @50

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Pasiyahan 2018(video): Christmas Party @ Senior High School

Yesterday, December 19 at Manila was the Christmas Party for the Senior High School students at the University of my daughters. Faye says it was like a concert. It was dubbed as Pasiyahan 2018. For the safety of the thousands of students, the University has issued rules and regulations days before the event. In every… Continue reading Pasiyahan 2018(video): Christmas Party @ Senior High School