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Severe Thunderstorm Warning

A severe thunderstorm was located near Apache Junction a few minutes ago. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning. It rained for few minutes. It was too windy. We have been waiting for rains for how many weeks now. Watch video below: Aftermath of the rains and winds: As of this writing,… Continue reading Severe Thunderstorm Warning

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Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit organization in Mesa, Arizona. Zoe, my younger daughter, went to a Character field trip yesterday at the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). She has many nice words about the organization. "Mama, they feed children in 70 countries!" Zoe exclaimed. She attends a charter school in Arizona. The charter… Continue reading Feed My Starving Children

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Woodbury Fire Smoke and Sunrise at the Superstition Mountains

At the moment, that's the view from our part of the world. The Woodbury fire smoke at the Superstition Mountains seems thicker today as seen from Apache Junction. Tonto National Forest officials yesterday reported that the Woodbury fire burning the Superstition Wilderness increased at 14,000 acres overnight (azcentral.com). It has become wider from 66,000 acres… Continue reading Woodbury Fire Smoke and Sunrise at the Superstition Mountains

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Summer Activity: Scorpion Hunting by Zoe

(This is a guest post by Zoe, my younger daughter). I went scorpion hunting at night around the property! I never dreamed I would do this. Living in Manila, once in a while I saw scorpions but I was too scared of them. And I saw them at daytime. I can't believe that I went… Continue reading Summer Activity: Scorpion Hunting by Zoe

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Strawberry Moon: Apache Junction, Arizona

While walking late this afternoon, we noticed the big moon. We usually walk around the property as a form of exercise. We do at the most 12 rounds. Zoe first noticed the big moon. Then she exclaimed "it's a strawberry moon tonight"! Zoe and I are almost always out at the patio on evenings. We… Continue reading Strawberry Moon: Apache Junction, Arizona

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Quietly Goes the Day

I am sharing with you pictures that were taken just a few minutes ago. We've been doing walking exercise for the 3rd day now. Today we took a few minutes time out to take these photos. Such awesomeness!

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The Birds and the Powered Parachute

It's rest day today. Zoe and me stayed at the patio after lunch. We watched videos. And while we were relaxing on the swing, we were lucky to see these: A tiny bird entering the small hole, the highest one, on the saguaro cactus. The tiny bird is at the entrance of the small hole… Continue reading The Birds and the Powered Parachute