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Quietly Goes the Day

I am sharing with you pictures that were taken just a few minutes ago. We've been doing walking exercise for the 3rd day now. Today we took a few minutes time out to take these photos. Such awesomeness!

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The Wonderful World

I feel so relaxed whenever I am around these green trees. Especially with my girls. Working is okay. The money is good. But I am always happy to go out of the city on a weekend. Just looking at these mountains recharges me. These sceneries always remind me that "life is good". That no mattet… Continue reading The Wonderful World

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Mother-daughters Bonding at Lake Mary

We enjoy roadtrip very much. This is one way of our mother-daughters bonding. We like shopping too. Who wouldn't?💃 But it's different if you are around nature. It's always exciting to commune with nature. I want my girls to appreciate more the environment. They really didn't go anywhere those years I wasn't with them. I… Continue reading Mother-daughters Bonding at Lake Mary

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Up Close with Wild Animals at Bearizona

It was an amazing experience at Bearizona, the drive-thru wildlife park. I have seen on a close range wild animals that I had never seen before. Sharing more photos:

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Fascinating and Awesome Moon

We do our little bonfire every night at the patio. https://itslifelyn.home.blog/2018/10/14/campfire-at-the-patio/ https://itslifelyn.home.blog/2018/11/18/the-winter-fire/ It's our bonding time. Especially me and Zoe. We can stay outside sometimes until 10pm. Tonight we were fascinated with the moon. It's just awesome. https://itslifelyn.home.blog/2018/09/23/goodnight-moon/

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Simplicity Makes One Happy (video)

Good morning from Arizona. Had coffee at the garden early this morning. This greeted me. The Superstition mountain. The flowers in my garden. The birds. The sound of the big black bird flying near the giant cactus. The quails chirping. They all made me happy today! Have a good day ahead everyone (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle… Continue reading Simplicity Makes One Happy (video)

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My girls Discovering and Enjoying Arizona

My girls have only been in Arizona for a month now. I want them to learn more about their new home. When we are not working we bring them to different places. Or, sometimes after work, we still bring them around town. On their first day here, we visited Payson, hoping that the girls would… Continue reading My girls Discovering and Enjoying Arizona