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The Great Outdoors is Life’s Biggest Playground

Going to bear camp 2019 is the first for my girls.Their first time also to experience the wilderness.At the wilderness, there was No Mobile Signal.No Japanese Anime for Faye.No K-dramas for Zoe.Their ingenuity came out.Here's how they enjoyed their first bear camping.They played "volleyball" with pine cones.I never thought pine cones could be so useful.My… Continue reading The Great Outdoors is Life’s Biggest Playground

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Best Tip Ever: Life is Short, Enjoy Every Moment

We don't decide when we go.Our God Almighty does.We just direct our life.Better enjoy every moment.However simple that is.If it makes you happy.Go for it!We don't always need money to be happy.Just look around you.Learn to appreciate nature.Do not rely on others for your happiness.Be the master of yourself.Take charge of your happiness.The past few… Continue reading Best Tip Ever: Life is Short, Enjoy Every Moment