Simplicity Defined In Photos

I was always on the go.At least until three years ago.I don't consider myself as go-getter though.Not always.It depends on what was at stake.Further education?Yes to that.Opportunities for professional development?Also, yes.Power tripping?Position to show off?Nah.Lately I was looking for signs on what direction to follow.Then I came across Confucius' take on life.And I saw these… Continue reading Simplicity Defined In Photos

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Affordable Ways To Enjoy A Vacation

Some people equate vacation with lots of money. That you can't enjoy your life without much money. Nowadays though there are affordable ways of enjoying a vacation. Our visit to Sedona was one good example. Here's a list of activities that one can do without needing money...

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Mama Roles

I've been away from my daughters for nearly three years. I do whatever I can to make up for it. I carry their heavy backpacks even if initially they didn't want me to. It's really heavy! We just walk from the University to our rented room. Sometimes we go put the bags in the room… Continue reading Mama Roles