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A Photo Diary: A Day At The Farm

As a young girl, my family lived on the farm.Our first house was surrounded by trees.There was a stream nearby.I was told that my father planted a coconut tree for each of us children around the house.We moved when I was a few months old.But the family continued working on the farms.It's a source of… Continue reading A Photo Diary: A Day At The Farm


Simplicity Defined In Photos

I was always on the go.At least until three years ago.I don't consider myself as go-getter though.Not always.It depends on what was at stake.Further education?Yes to that.Opportunities for professional development?Also, yes.Power tripping?Position to show off?Nah.Lately I was looking for signs on what direction to follow.Then I came across Confucius' take on life.And I saw these… Continue reading Simplicity Defined In Photos